ForexTester Add-ons

We have written a number of scripts and strategies for the ForexTester back-testing platform. If you don't already have ForexTester then you may wish to read our blog review here.

Please note - you can get $30 off the regular $299 price of ForexTester using a special discount price that has been arranged especially for Snapdragon Systems. See here for details.

ForexTester Historic Data Service

If you are using Forex Tester then you know how important good quality data is for back-testing. We have set up a simple download service for historic data either as a one-off "data dump" or a monthly subscription. For more details see here.

To purchase, send us an e-mail using the "Contact link" below

ForexTester Riskfree Pyramid Add-on (RPA) Strategy
  • This is an agressive way to pyramid trades in a risk-free way
  • At each new add-on the stop-loss on the combined position is moved to break-even
  • By doing this multiple times very aggressive returns can be achieved with no additional risk apart from that of the initial trade
  • See our introductory video:

    The price for the RPA ForexTester Strategy is 100 GBP (+UK VAT @20% if applicable)

    To purchase, send us an e-mail using the "Contact link" below

    Coming Soon!
    ForexTester Bar Bracket Entry Script

    If you regularly bracket a single bar as an entry technique then this script will be for you.
  • Automatically calculate entry and stop-loss levels
  • Automaticlaly calculate sizing according to a fixed percentage of account risk
  • Autmatically set take profit levels at a fixed risk to reward ratio
  • This script should be ready within a couple of weeks

    If you are interested in being told when it's ready, send us an e-mail using the "Contact link" below

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