Professional TradeStation Programming

SnapDragon Systems offers custom TradeStation Programming:

  • Easy Language programmer with many years experience, a Diploma in Technical Analysis from The UK Society of Technical Analysts and who actually trades profitably for his own account
  • Professional Windows C++ programmer. Can use DLL’s to interface C++ programming with Easy Language. This allows interaction between TradeStation and any other trading platform which has an API.
  • Oxford Doctorate in Theoretical Atomic Physics so can derive and program up advanced theoretical work
  • Large number of satisfied institutional and private clients

  • Examples of some recent work that has been done for clients
  • Connecting TradeStation to OandA, IG Index and Interactive Brokers for automated trading
  • Transferring information between different charts for multi-chart trading signals
  • Writing Easy Language code to construct Point and Figure Charts from Tick Data so that the client could watch the tick chart and still get the Point & Figure signals.
  • Writing a DLL to keep track of unlimited number of trades across an unlimited number of markets, using complex multi-contract entries and stop strategies.
  • Translating data into a format readable by Trade Station.
  • Writing DLL to perform dynamic optimisation over a specified number of months and then to use these optimised paramters for actual trading. This dynamic optimisation was repeated periodically throughout the test data.
  • Writing a DLL offering least-squares fitting for fitting polynomial equations to data in the Charting Station.
  • Writing numerous bespoke indicators and trading systems.

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