Better Trading Psychology
using Hypnotherapy and NLP

All traders at some point during the process of acquiring their trading skills come to realise that one of the most important aspects of trading is psychology or mental attitute. After all, with trading what is it that decides when to trade, when to enter or exit a trade? There is only your mind - even if you are following a mechanical system you always have the choice of whether to do what the system says or not, again it comes down to a choice which is determined by what goes on in your mind.

Ed Seykota said in the Market Wizards book, that we all get what we really want in trading. By that he means that we use trading to play out what we really believe about ourselves internally. For example, if we belive that we don't deserve to have money or that there is a limit to how much we can have, then this will be played out with our trading with less than profitable results. On the other hand believing that you deserve to succeed and that you have all the necessary resources to apply yourself to do so is a helpful and beneficial attitude to adopt.

Two of the most effective ways of developing a postiive and beneficial mental attitude to trading is through using hypnosis and NLP (Neural-Linguistic Programming).

What is Hypnosis?

The Subconscious Mind
A central principle of hypnosis is the concept of the subconscious mind. Although one is unaware of this part of the mind it is the most powerful, containing a very deep level of intelligence, wisdom, creativity and imagination. It is the seat of all emotions and therefore influences and directs nearly all behaviour.

The subconscious mind is also influential in maintaining good health and regulating all autonomic processes within the body such as breathing, blood circulation, tissue regeneration, and healing etc.

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring familiar state similar to day dreaming or "drifting off". We pass through a natural state of hypnosis when going to sleep. However, natural hypnosis is neither deep nor controlled whereas hypnosis with an experienced practitioner works at much deeper and entirely safe levels.

Why Hypnosis is so Beneficial
Hypnosis is a safe way of accessing the subconscious mind. Suggestions made under hypnosis go directly to the subconscious where they can make beneficial and worthwhile changes at the very deepest levels of being

What is NLP?

NLP (Neural Linguistic Programming) is a study of how we store memories, ideas, beliefs and values internally within us as images, feelings or internal dialog. It has been discovered that by altering the structure of these internal experiences we can change how they affect us. It is a very fast and effective form of change which does not require hypnosis.

Adam Hartley
As a fully qualified and practising hypnotherapist as well as a trader and trading consultant, Adam Hartley is in a unique position to offer hypnotherapy and NLP for traders.

To help you decide just how appropriate and beneficial for your trading this form of treatment could be the next step is an initial consultation. This is a meeting to discuss what you are looking to achieve and which gives you an opportunity to meet me to ensure that you are happy working with me.

The next session after that (which can also be combined with the initial consultation if necessary) would involve a gentle and relaxing introduction to hypnosis. Thereafter sessions vary but would typically include making a personal tape with powerful and effective suggestions for achieving the trading performance that you are looking for.

Case Study

One client had tried to make a go of trading for years. He would save up some money and initially would have some success. But then he started losing and this made him very defensive so that he would take lots of losses all the time and have very few winners which were too small. This made him more defensive whilst at the same time he felt desperate to have at least some winners so he would overtrade with lots of small losers until he got a small winner. The end results was that after a few months he would give up and go off to lick his wounds.

Through work using hypnosis and NLP it was discovered that this client has issues to do with having money taken away from him and also had a need to be successful so he could feel OK about himself. These issues were dealt with in a comfortable and easy manner and new levels of self-esteem were created so that he felt good about himself regardless of his trading. He was then able to be more objective about trading, taking losses and being successful. He is now a happy and successful trader.

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